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Our organic clothing store carries natural and organic fashion that respect your body, the planet and people who make it. No harsh dyes or nasty chemicals. 


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  • 3 min read

I think that we need a reminder that, despite the circumstances, we are the ones that continue to create the world made for us. That we are an expression of life and as such, we give life to others. It matters.

Through the individual hearts, thoughts, actions - we help life to vibrate with more clarity and strength. Nobody will ever take it away, no muzzle, no six feet distance, no worldly upset.

We make a day better for a person on the street that seems lost and needs help. We wave to neighbors and express sympathy to a friend. We pay for coffee for the person six feet behind us.

  • 3 min read

A lady walked in our store, looking a bit rushed. She wore a mask (Washington has mandatory masks rule), she sanitized her hands at our sanitizing station, she observed blue arrows on a floor. I greeted her and she asked "How is the store doing? How are you guys holding up?"

I took a breath and stopped myself from answering her question by telling her EVERYTHING uncontrollably

  • 1 min read
black lives matter  
Natural Clothing Company, as a member of Historic Downtown Snohomish Association,  
we stand against racism in any form. 
Snohomish is clear on: Equity, Solidarity and Unity.
We welcome everyone and we will do everything in our power to ensure that people of all color, orientation, political affiliation and religion are safe and comfortable in our town and store.