I see the stress levels mounting around me. It's enough to scan the morning paper to get our optimism diminished.

In a middle of the night when my mind races away to problems and worries, it saves me to give thanks for true values in my life. For our sons growing up wonderfully. For my family, simply that they are alive, familiar and caring. For my bed and roof. For my breath.

I am thankful for all who serve and served for their willingness to put themselves in a harm way for the benefit of others. So many people impacted, so many selfless courageous people.

When we visited a friend, he told us about his wife's surgery, where her best friend donated half of her liver to save his wife. Both halves grew back to full size. A miracle in true courage.

We are thankful to You for being our customers.

 Your willingness to see the importance of organic clothing and products, the survival of small companies and putting your money with your heart, is not lost. It gives us hope. You have many choices of where to shop and we appreciate it very much when you chose us.

From the bottom of our heart - Thank you!

Our gratitude to small artisans making gorgeous products which cannot be cheaply and quickly made but require ancient art and love of the craft. My hat off to makers paying Fair Trade prices so the artisans can feed their children and send them to school.

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Have beautiful Holidays!

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