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Happy New Year 2023!

The time around the New Year used to be my favorite time to plan my personal and business projects. Out with the old, in with the new. All is possible again.

It is tougher this year. We all took some beating during the last few years. When I speak with young people, I hear shades of anxiety, confusion, some defensiveness. Heartbreaking sometimes.

In my meditations, I come back to words I have not used in decades - stillness, hope, magic. I start to remember that as a kid, my life was full of magic. Life was not easy - poor, shortages of food, the failing economy, strikes culminated in civil war and oppression. But life was full of magic. I felt vibrations in the air, I spoke with invisible teachers, I understood more than I had words for. 

Somehow over time, this faded away. I replaced it with logic, engineering skills, and efficiency. I can see now that all the logic was a necessary detour. Those skills have limits. Quieting the mind, finding your own wisdom, finding your own heart - have no boundaries.

We let our attention be stolen by problems. They may be tough but are solvable. They say it's not the size of problems that defines us, It's what we do despite them. 

Only we control who we are, and claim our own magic. You can test this easily. When overwhelmed - bake a loaf of bread, sing a new tune, knit a scarf. Use your hands, use your words, use your smile. That IS magic.

Let's don't give that power away. What you do, who you are - matters. Use it and soon you will look more kindly at yourself in the mirror. You may notice the air is still crisp and fresh, there is a roof where you wake up and the sun above that. It is magic. 
Then meeting the world and your fellow beings outside is just child's play. I hope you play. 

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