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    Cotton Face Mask Reusable - triple layer with filter pocket (no filter included)

    Beige Plaid
    Blue Floral
    Colored Stripe
    Blue Stripe
    Denim Camo
    Yellow Floral
    Grey Stripe

    This face mask is NOT a medical-grade mask. Please read the disclaimer below. 

    This high-quality mask (face shield) is reusable and washable. Mask is made of double layer of 100% conventional cotton (not organic)on the outside and third layer of fabric (white color) creating a pocket on the inside.

    Elastic around the ears is light and comfortable. Mask's top portion includes a light wire, completely covered with fabric, that allows on adjustment over the nose to ensure the best fit.

    Masks are attractive and look nice on a face, making it more likely and pleasant to wear. They are quite easy to breathe in it, allowing on extra filters to be added (see more information on the filter below). Filter is NOT included with the mask (original supply is sold out).

    Item is not returnable, as we do not resell used or tried masks. 

    Fabric: 100% conventional cotton

    Made in China by one of our long time trusted suppliers, see comments below "Who Made my Clothes". Ships from Snohomish, WA, USA.

    One size fits all. 

    Filter materials

    Filters are difficult to obtain right now but can be self-added. You can easily find information on the internet on using alternate materials designed as filters - like vacuum bags, folded if needed. Do make sure that your filter has no contact with your face. Tightly-woven fabric works well, too.

    Shipping info

    One flat fee of $3.90 for the quantity of 1-5 masks. 


    This item calls for hand washing. I washed it and dried in regular machine and dryer on a gentle warm cycle - it did just fine. Remove filter before washing. Mask should be washed daily (depending on the frequency of use).

    How does one safely remove a mask from face?

    One should be careful not to touch their eyes, nose, and mouth when removing their face covering and wash hands immediately after removing. 


    This product is NOT licensed to prevent, heal, or treats any medical condition or disease. It is NOT a substitute for medically approved medical protection equipment.

       CDC guidelines for face masks

      • One size fits most. Most of the people find this mask very comfortable.

        Personal experience of seller:

        Wearing this mask was the most comfortable out of all the ones I tried. I take care of elderly cancer patient so I take each precaution seriously. I like the lightweight, the ease of putting it on and off. It is very comfortable around the face.

        I appreciate the fact that this mask stays well on the face. The flexible element on top of the nose allows for close adjustment.

        Very comfortable to breathe in and out. Cotton fabric creates a nice feel and I like to be able to increase or decrease the filter material.

        A plus for overall reusability and the overall attractiveness.

      Who Made My clothes

      We carry products made in ethical sustainable way, a challenge in "dirty" textile industry. The question "Who Made My Clothes?" is an important one. 

      Your purchase supports the preservation of traditional craft, love of natural fibers and fair conditions. 


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