We love jewelry that is meaningful - natural stones, Fair Trade jewelry, handmade bead necklaces and earrings. Fair Trade jewelry means that artisans use ancient traditions passed on through generations. Nature approved jewelry is made of eco-friendly materials found in nature - like Baltic Amber, which is 5 million years old resin which became fossilized or Agate or Amethyst semi-precious stones.
Red Pendant Triple Necklace
Linked Shapes Triple Necklace
Triangle Painted  Necklace
Recycled Bike Inner Tube Jewelry
Metalwork Bracelet - silver or gold colors
Beaded Wrap Bracelet
Beaded Single Bracelet
Opal  Gemstone Earrings
Beaded Necklace or Bracelet
Rainbow Crystal Natural Stone Necklace
Blue Agate Gemstone Necklace
Amazonite Natural Stone Necklace
Gold Dipped Chrysoprase Natural Stone Necklace
Tri-Aura Crystal Natural Stone Necklace
Beaded necklace with rounded accents
Beaded necklace with pendant
Semi-precious Rock Necklace
Baltic Amber Pendant, Earrings, Chain Set
Semi-Precious Stone Earrings
Baltic Amber Bracelet - Petals
Amber Earrings and Pendant Set - round - Natural Clothing Company
Baltic Amber Pendant, Earrings, Chain Set
Amber Earring and Necklace Set - Natural Clothing Company
Amber Earrings - Dangling Hearts - Natural Clothing Company
Baltic Amber Bracelet - multicolor
Baltic Amber Bracelet - Drops
Star Earrings - Baltic Amber - Natural Clothing Company
Handwoven Baltic Amber Bracelet - Natural Clothing Company
Baltic Amber Earrings, Necklace and Chain Set - Celtic Design
Hoop and Dagger Earrings