Flax and Pearls Necklace

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Flax and Pearls Necklace

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Beautiful and unique - multi strands of faux pearls and flax thread comprise this wonderful necklace. Combination of the very simple, unwaxed flax and shiny, light reflecting faux pearls is just unbeatable. Classy and humble at the same time. Just like your style! We love it, must have it. The necklace has many starands and it's approx. 26" in length.

100% linen threads and faux pearls (no, these are NOT real)

Made in Ukraine, Europe (see note below).

Machine washable in cold water.

Notes from the U.S, based manufacturer located in Washington state about their production facility in Ukraine:

We have wonderful friendships with people manufacturing our products in Ukraine. The work is done in small, privately owned workshops under fair conditions and pay. it is performed in clean, well-equipped facilities which we inspect few times a year. Workers are happy with the ability to make a living, as Ukraine is currently one of the poorest countries in Europe. A key motivation for us in starting Crown Linen Designs was to provide economic opportunities to the gallant people of Eastern Europe.We do not use and do not tolerate sweat labor. We produce our goods to show off the beauty and craftsmanship of Ukrainian workers, mostly women. A key part of our mission is to help bring beauty to their lives as well.

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Ask a Question
  • Hi! I saw this is "made in China" but was wondering if it is made in a sweat shop situation? Thank you.

    I am sorry it took bit time but I finally got the answer from a trustworthy person within the company. This is what I learned:
    "1. We absolutely do not use sweat labor. In fact, all of workers in our factory are insured by the company. We go to the extent of even offering room and board if the employee is not local.  2.  We do our best to not have anyone work overtime. But if the division manager decides we need to speed up the process, we will pay overtime. Our management has a restriction in place that an employee cannot have more than 20 hrs of OT a week. Our working hours are from 8:30 AM to 12, 12-1 is time for lunch/naps, than 1-5:30.   Our facilities are inspected everyday by each of the division managers. They report to our general managers if they see any problems with safety/employee health issues etc. We're a US company and while production is done in China, we comply and follow US rules & regulations.  4. We moved the office from LA to China in 2000 and have had a wonderful relationship with our supplier since then. Most of the fabric mills have net 30-60 payment terms with us." (meaning there is trust and solid relationship)