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Semi-precious Rock Necklace

Red Lava

This necklace has several gently layered stones and beads with beautiful effect. The silver silk cord is comfortable, durable, and lightweight. Necklace looks eco-chic with rough tumbled stones. 

 Approx. 21" long.

Made by artisans under the principles of fair trade which provides sustainable income to their families.

Materials: Semi-precious stones and crystal beads on woven silk thread.

Made in Thailand, Fair Trade

Who Made My clothes

We are proud to carry products made in sustainable and ethical way. In the industry full of violations of human rights, the natural products and methods are well worth your support, designed to minimize the strain on our natural, as well as on our human resources.

The question "Who Made My Clothes?" is an important one to ask. Many of our products are made in the U.S.A. under the Labor and Industry regulations, some facilities are employee owned. Other products and jewelry are Fair Trade certified, ensuring fair wages and conditions for their makers. Your purchase gives support to artisans preserving traditional craft, skill and love of natural fibers, paying above the market wages for their skill and work.

By shopping here, you help to minimize exploitative labor, environmental damage, the use of hazardous chemicals, waste, and human and animal cruelty. 


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