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Men's Organic Cotton Socks 14-16 (Extra Large)

Color: Natural

Best selling mid-calf organic cotton crew socks in extra large size for long feet. These socks fit Men's shoe 12.5 and above. Only Natural and Black color is available in this size.

content: 98% Certified Organic Cotton, 2% Spandex

Made by family-owned mills in the USA, see note "Who Made My Clothes" below.

Note: sock sizes represent how long your foot is in inches, NOT the shoe size.

Men's sock sizes 14 -16 relates to a man's U.S. shoe size 13 and higher.

  • Maggie's supports and manufactures organic clothing for decades. Founder Bena Burda was recognized as one of the 25 most influential people in the organic industry. The company was founded in 1992, so is one of the oldest organic apparel company in the US. The production is done in worker-owned co-operatives in North Carolina, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, India. In each case, Fair Trade conditions, human rights, and justice is being put at the same importance as sustainability and quality. It is well worth supporting.
  • Easy Returns

    Socks are not returnable due to the intimate nature of the garment. The exception are socks that were never worn, in new and sell-able condition.

    We advise purchasing only one pair at first to make sure that the garment is as you desire.

  • General Manufacturer's Sizing 

    Note: sock sizes represent how long is your foot in inches, NOT the shoe size.

    Men's sock sizes 14 -16 (XL) relates to a man's U.S. shoe size 13 and higher.