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    Lace Collar Blouse

    Antique White
    Blush Pink

    This is such a beautiful garment in multitude of colors. Sweet blouse with retro lace collar, beautiful detailing in a front with nice buttons. There is a tie in a back that allows you to cinch the garment in a waist or leave it relaxed. 3/4 sleeves. This top has quite loose fit so it can be worn over the camisole like a super light jacket or by itself. It's delightful.

    Garments runs loose in sizing. Note about colors: white is pure white, antique white is very close in color just a bit softer. Glacier has a lavender hint to it with soft grey on collar. Pink is very soft - all are pretty!

    100% ramie. Ramie is a plant grown mostly in Asia and is very sustainable - it can be harvested up to six time a year.It has been used to produce textile for thousands of years - it is very strong, white fiber that looks bit similar to linen. It has beautiful silky luster and it can be woven loosely to provide beautiful light garments. Perfect for warm weather.

    Made in China *see the note from LA based designer at the tab "Who Made My Clothes".

    Machine washable in cold water.

     Table of body (not garment) measurements

     size XS S M L XL
      2 - 4 6 - 8 10 - 12 14 - 16 18 - 20
     bust 32.5 - 33.5" 34.5 - 35.5" 36.5 - 38" 39.5 - 41" 42.5 - 44"
     waist 25 - 26" 27 - 28" 29 - 30.5" 32 - 33.5" 35 - 36.5"

    35 - 35"

    37 - 38" 39 - 40.5" 42 - 43.5"  45 - 46.5"


    Who Made My clothes

    We carry products made in ethical sustainable way, despite "dirty" textile industry. The question "Who Made My Clothes?" is an important one to ask.  Your support of ethical mindful fashion that can be traced how it's made - organic or Fair Trade or indigenous, ensures fair  conditions for the artisans and care for the planet.

    Your purchase supports the preservation of traditional craft and the love of natural fibers. You help to minimize exploitative labor and environmental damage. 


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