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    Who made my clothes?

    Art & Eden is a registered public benefit enterprise (PBC). It makes clothes that are better for the planet, better for the people that make clothes & better for the people that wear them.

    With Clothes for Cure, Art & Eden has committed to:

    • 1 million multivitamins reaching 2,740 kids
    • parasites medication for 3,500
    The company works closely with the Hope Worldwide since 2014, when they launched Empower, a midday meal program for undernourished children in India, with a contribution of 186,000 meals. 
    In the U.S.A., Art & Eden developed a Camden Street School mentorship program in NY and NJ, in schools with a large percentage of students living below the poverty line. Staff teams regularly volunteer to provide leadership development and mentoring for the kids.
    Your purchases help these programs.