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    Corduroy Dress by Inizio - Magic with 3/4 sleeve

    Light Grey/Green

    Corduroy version of our favorite Italian linen dress - with 3/4 sleeve. The cord texture is extremely tight do it feels like a smooth surface with a ribbed back, waist, and sleeves for a good fit. Very versatile and appropriate for most of the seasons. The cord textures is incredibly fine with very little texture (see detail).

    From Italian maker Inizio. The skirt portion has a gentle "puffed" style, two generous pockets in front. Truly gorgeous dress, simple but fun styling.

    It looks fantastic with any shoes or boots. Perfect!

    Sizing runs small about half a size in a bust. 

    Garment (not body) measure for Medium is approx. 37-38" (there is more stretch on top of that due to ribbed back), waist approx. 29", shoulder to rib/linen cut in a back 15", the total length of dress varies since the bottom is a scalloped shape - approx. 42-45".

    The models are wearing sizes between Small to Large.

    Colors - if you can't see much difference between taupe and grey, you are right - there is very little. Taupe has a bit brownish base and grey is a cooler tone.

    Made in Italy. 

    Fabric - 95% cotton, 5% elastane

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