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    Raku Spirit Rattle


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    These spirit rattles are the most amazing gift ever - for yourself or others. Beautiful and unique, they connect with old traditions of Native American rattles, who used rattles to ensure blessings upon their crops.

    This rattle -- you hold it in your hand, shake it gently and recall what are you grateful for today. Science confirms that we cannot feel stress and gratitude ath the same time. Choose gratitude.

    Raku means "enjoyment", "comfort" or "ease", traditionally characterized by being hand shaped. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind piece of art, inspired by the desert’s rugged terrain, subtle colors, and remarkable beauty. 

    Made by artist John Davis in Texas U.S.A.

    Note - each piece is unique. You rattle may vary from the pictures listed.


    Dragonflies are a recurring symbol in many Native American tribes. For the Navajo, they represented pure water, which endures no matter how often it changes form. The dragonfly is a beautiful symbol of resilience.

    A single bee holds collective knowledge of beehive. Bees are said to anticipate changes in theweather to ensure the safety of the hive.

    Sea Turtle - Over 110 million years ago, the family of sea turtles became distinct from all other turtles, and they've remained nearly unchanged for all that time. Patient, wise, and steadfast, they are a symbol of longevity and stability in many cultures.



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