Icelandic Mohair Wool Coat - Dia

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  • Icelandic Mohair Wool Coat - Dia

Icelandic Mohair Wool Coat - Dia

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Stunning is the word to describe this Fall/Winter wool coat. The rich texture of mohair wool coat in a beautiful thick ornate pattern will make you feel like a queen. This new take on traditional Icelandic patterns is super elegant in a black and white mix to create ornate jacquard style pattern. Smaller scale decorative pattern on bottom and sleeve cuffs. Mohair is made of silky hair of the angora goat and it has a different feel than regular wool.

This coat has a full zipper and a comfortable car coat length. Two fully zipped side pockets are sewn in so perfectly that you will never know about them, while still having pocket convenience. This coat can be paired up or down, it will work hard for you.

The bit of nylon allows good stretch of fabric, keeps the coat shape well and makes the item machine washable. Definite head turner.

Note: the sizes show dimension without any stretch. The bust is 20-23" flat for Medium and 21-24" for Large. You ca see the actual dimensions of this item:
1. Select your size 
2. Click on the small Interactive Size button "On/Off" to the left of the main picture.

We will be updating other items as well. 

 70% Mohair wool, 30% nylon

Made in China.

This brand was founded by Icelandic native, Gerdur. Her wool garments come from deep Icelandic knitting traditions using the finest quality wool. Brand employs artisans women knitters all around the world, with social support in form of working conditions and scholarships/educational opportunities.