Organic Long Cardigan - Callie

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Organic Long Cardigan - Callie

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Clean, simple long cardigan in organic cotton in a lightweight weave. Classic clean line, elongates and works well in versatile outfits - dress, skirt or skinny pants. Half length sleeves, hem rib and 8" side slits on both sides. The quality of this organic cotton is high, it feels like super fine wool or cashmere. The style elongates the figure. 

100% certified organic cotton

Made in China in WRAP certified facility. Factories are small, family owned with local workers, check The mills treat their waste-water to environmental standards. Products are tested and chemical free. 

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We are updating other items as well. 

 Sizing Chart for Women (body measurements not clothes)

  S M L XL
 bust 34 - 35  36 - 37.5  39 - 41  42 - 44
 waist 30 - 31  32 - 33  34 - 36  37 - 38
 hips 36 - 37.5  38 - 39.5  40 - 42  43 - 45
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  • What type of dyes are used as it is advertised as chemical free on the Callie cardigan? Clay or vegetable?

    The dyes used on this item are low impact, non-toxic, non-azo dyes. These do not require heavy metal fixatives. These are the safest form of dyes for items that have coloring.

    To clarify, there is NO disperse dyes used in our garments. These can be used only with synthetics and all our items are made with natural fibers.

    The subject of dyes is very important to us since a large portion of our customers have chemical sensitivities and compromised health. We trust our manufacturers with the info about their practices; they are small outfits passionate about organic textiles, many are part of Green America, the oldest network of green businesses.

    We do carry some items dyed with clay but it's mostly t-shirts - clay cannot be used on light knits like this without changing properties of a garment.
    We would love to carry more vegetable dyes. The resources are extremely scarce, especially for commercial production and the price point was not supported in a past by our customers. 

    We carry undyed items, especially in undergarment section. We also have carried in past items made of cotton grown in shades of beige to brown and hope these will be made again.