#Safetypin Project

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#Safetypin Project

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A gift idea that shares the positive view towards others. We think we all needed. Includes a set of 5 pins (3 plain, 2 beaded) in a nice jewelry box with a bow and a write up on a simple #safetypin project that might change somebody's life.

You can share this simple beautiful gift  with your favorite people, as well as with people you have hard time with, while wearing a pin and meaning it. Maybe - get one for everybody in your office!

Note: No, we are not trying to make money on this beautiful concept. We are trying to promote #safetypin project and make it easy to hand to somebody as a beautifully packaged gift. Item is priced at the cost of the box, printing card and a minimal charge for our local crafts artist for her time and pricking her fingers while beading some pins for us (placing beads on a fixed portion of the pin requires some skill:). You are very welcomed to duplicate this on your own and share with others.

Also, we ship this card (without the box) with one plain safetypin with each order from our website.

What is the #safetypin project?

safetypin projectRecently, putting a safety pin on your sweater became a simple, humble way of stating that you are a “safe person”. Others don’t have to be afraid of you if they look different, have different viewpoints or religion. Started by an American woman living in Britain, the idea is spreading.

I invite you to wear it and mean it.

Even in my tiny town I see people afraid. My girlfriend was yelled at “Go back to where ever you came from!" while pumping gas. A girl at a local college was attacked on campus for speaking Spanish to her mother on the phone. A man ripped her headphones out, grabbed her phone and threw it on the ground. "We don't speak that here!"

This is NOT OK. It is our country, our watch, we are here to care not violate. A pin is NOT enough but itself. But it’s a start. It takes a stand that violent people are the minority. Wearing a safety pin show others they are safe with You, no matter what. Be a #safetypin.

Full blog at NaturalClothingCompany.com/blogs/news/wear-a-safetypin

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