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    Sanitizer Spray and refill option

    This small bottle of sanitizer is perfect to keep in a purse, in a car, and on your desk. It contains 70% ethyl alcohol which worked great as a disinfectant and is a must to keep handy for spraying any surfaces that are often touched - doorknobs, keyboards, phone, desktops, counters.

    We partnered with our face masks provider to provide the sanitizer, it is made in Oregon. The biggest shortage is of containers - spray bottles. If you send us back empty bottles we will refill these at half the price. This is not a profit item, it's just our try to fulfill the urgent need and give you more options. The label is a plain label (not thermal) and it may smear with time. 

    The sanitizer has a clean, nice smell with no scents added. The active ingredient is 70% ethyl alcohol, inactive ingredient - water.

    Made in Oregon, U.S.A.

    The bottle is 2 oz with spray end and plastic transparent cap. 

    Ethyl alcohol spray is classified as hazardous (flammable) substance so it ships separately by ground mail (longer than airmail). There is a separate fee of $5.00 for shipping. For pick-ups in Snohomish, place an order and we will refund the shipping fee.

    Who Made My clothes

    We carry products made in ethical sustainable way, a challenge in "dirty" textile industry. The question "Who Made My Clothes?" is an important one. 

    Your purchase supports the preservation of traditional craft, love of natural fibers and fair conditions. 


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