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Siberia Goat Wool House Socks - tall Midnight Woods

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Midnight Woods
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Gorgeous thick warm wool socks straight from the coldest part of Russia. Socks are knitted with love in the most beautiful patterns and are super soft and comfortable. Socks are made with a blend of 80% natural Russian goat wool and/or Merino sheep wool, which makes them extremely soft and warm. They absorb moisture and wick it away from the body, reducing bacteria growth and odor. They also help maintain a comfortable body temperature and have natural antibacterial properties. 

The thickness of the socks is substantial - these may not fit in your regular boots. We consider these more as house-type socks or paired up with large boots. Wool is very soft, not itchy, comes from the softest wool of goats. These socks provide warmth, comfort, and enjoyment - a perfectly practical and beautiful gift for the holidays.

Fiber: 80% soft goat wool, 20% acrylic fibers, <1% elastane

Made ethically in Siberia, Russia.

Fabric care: Machine Wash Warm, Tumble dry low or Line Dry

  • Siberia Spirit is a collaboration of a Russian immigrant living currently in the U.SA. and her American mother-in-law. Together they recognized the beauty, as well as the practicality of the artisan products; - goat wool socks which were knitted in the Russian region of Siberia for centuries combining beauty with practicality.
    Siberia is well-known primarily for its long, harsh winters, sparse population, and abuse of past communist governments. In contrast - people living in that harsh environment are warm and resourceful. Socks are produced by small outfits that support their families with their skills. This project and these socks bring a bridge of peace and appreciation between two far-away countries by you - people who appreciate the skill and hard work and it is a cause that we foolheartedly support. It is well worth supporting.
  • No Returns Socks (as well as underwear and masks) are NOT returnable due to the intimate nature of the garment. We advise buying just one pair before committing to a larger quantity and checking that this garment works for you.
  • General Manufacturer's Sizing (body measurements not clothes)
    Top to a mid-heel length: 22.5"
      S M L XL
    Women's shoe size
     9.5-11  11.5-13.5
    Men's shoe size
    6-7.5 8-9.5  10-12