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Coolest Textile on Earth

Summer! For sun lovers - a delight. For some of us, high temperatures are tough to navigate. How do you stay comfortable and look good?

I have an answer for that and it is LINEN.

There is nothing more simple and luxurious at the same time as the linen textile. Maybe it is the thousands of years of usage, maybe it is its unassuming beauty - it reminds us of nature, of freedom, of kindness to the skin.

Linen textile is born from a flax plant with its beautiful modest blue flower, very pretty for its age - flax has been dated to 36,000 B.C.! It is a magic plant - it gives us flax seeds, oil, straw and gorgeous textile.

For me, it is not just the appearance, but the vibes of uplifting and calm feeling when wearing it. Much needed.

Since linen absorbs water extremely well, it always feels fresh and cool.I never heard a complaint about an allergic reaction to linen. It has been historically used for wounds and healing skin problems.  It offers unparallel ventilation, absorption of moisture and offers a good filter from solar UV. Some worry about the wrinkles - that is the charm of linen. If you prefer it crisp, use the small steamer. You can also try the new blend of linen and bamboo viscose - no wrinkles!

Lastly, don't take that textile for granted. There are only a few countries remain to manufacture linen textile.

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