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Orders over $120 ship FREE

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Returns and returns during the Holiday Season? 

Our general returns policy is stated here https://naturalclothingcompany.com/pages/returns-policy  For Holiday and Gift purchases - read the answer below.

I am buying a gift ahead of time so the recipient might not have enough time to return it. What do I do?

You can safely purchase your gifts.  We do understand that in November/December a lot of gifts are going to be opened during Christmas so we extend the return date for December purchases till Jan 31st.

Also, if you purchase gifts, we will be glad to extend the return time to 60 days., just put a note at checkout that it's a gift. We trust you understand that as a small company we need our products back as soon as feasibly possible to make these available to others and stay in business.

What kind of dyes do you use?

First, please keep in mind that we are a retailer, we do not manufacture our clothing and we use many different manufacturers. Having said that, we are very discriminating in who we work with, giving preference to merchant who have proven organic and sustainable practices. Many of our suppliers are members of Green America, U.S. oldest green merchants network. 

All our garments are dyed with safest, lowest level non-azo dyes, approved under Global Organic Standards. Many of our clients are very sensitive, including our own family - that's why we started that business.

Having said that, we found out that each person is different and might react to the different issue. Some of our most sensitive customers, wear only light-colored, preferably natural color items. It does not make the exciting wardrobe but it's the truth.
I am very sensitive to different fabrics. Is your clothing safe for me?
We started our store because there are many sensitivites in our own family. Conventional fabrics contain often not only harmful dyes but also other fabric finishes and chemical additives that make people react.
Unfortunately, everybody's systems is different and we cannot guarantee specific results. But we can promise that we do everything that is possible to provide clothing that is ethically made, often certified organic or if made of fibers like hemp, grown in organic manner without use of pesticide and chemical finishes. Most of our cotton products carry Global Organic Standards certification.
Do your items run small or big?
Keep in mind that we are a retailer, we do NOT manufacture our clothing. We use many different manufacturers and sizing does vary greatly, just like in conventional clothing. Even items from the same brand might vary if using differnt textile or style.
We try to give indication of size as much as possible and are happy to run the actual measurements of the item manually if needed. Please, just email us which garment and size, allow couple of days for response. You can email info @ NaturalClothingCompany .com. 
Can you send me a catalog?
We do not have a catalog. Our quantities are small, changing often and also we do cherish saving paper.
We encourage to browse our website at https://naturalclothingcompany.com Some of our customers who do not have a computer use library to access the website.
We are happy to take an order over the phone but please make your selection online.
I noticed occasional shortage of sizes. How can I find what's available in my size?
Our quantities are small and differ from day to day. Many of our suppliers are small businesses who run into shortages as well. With more demand the supplies for organic clothing will be growing as well.