We love the prints and style on these organic cotton leggings. So fun to wear but also so healthy for your body. Organic Leggings mean there is no nasty stuff in a fabric, not in finishes and cotton was grown without harmful pesticides. Oh, and Fair Trade certified! Great for you AND the planet.
Organic Cotton Leggings - High Waisted
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Organic Cotton Leggings - full length Clearance
Women's Organic Cotton Leggings- Ribbed
Organic Cotton Cropped Leggings - floral print
Organic Cotton Legging - Folk - Natural Clothing Company
Organic Cotton Capri Leggings - Leah
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Hemp Capri Leggings (XSmall, size 2)
Organic Leggings Capri
Organic Cotton Legging - Rosie - Natural Clothing Company
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Women's Leggings - viscose from bamboo (S and L) Clearance