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healthy home = healthy life

The time around the New Year used to be my favorite time to plan my personal and business projects. Out with the old, in with the new. All is possible again.
It is tougher this year. We all took some beating during the last few years. When I speak with young people, I hear shades of anxiety, confusion, some defensiveness. Heartbreaking sometimes.
In my meditations, I come back to words I have not used in decades - stillness, hope, magic. I start to remember that as a kid, my life was full of magic. Life was not easy - poor, shortages of food, the failing economy, strikes culminated in civil war and oppression. But life was full of magic. I felt vibrations in the air, I spoke with invisible teachers, I understood more than I had words for. 

I see the stress levels mounting around me. Scanning morning paper does not improve the optimism.

In the middle of the night, with my mind full of problems and worries, it saves me to give thanks for the true values in my life. For our sons growing up wonderfully. For my family, simply that they are alive. For my bed and roof. For my breath. I am thankful for the people around me who help me learn and see more. So many people are selflessly friendly, nice, good-natured people. Thank you for showing that heart to us. 
I am thankful to You for being our customers.

I was only a few years old when my family took a long risky car ride across the "forbidden border" of our East neighbor, the Soviet Union.
It took my dad 20 years to gather the courage to try to find his place of birth and place of trauma.