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We share the love of eco-friendly, organic clothing - hemp, organic cotton, bamboo. We carry natural products that respect your body & the planet. Natural Clothing Company is based in Seattle area, ships worldwide. 

Our clothes are often recommended by doctors for your skin benefit. Organic clothes have no formaldehyde or nasty chemicals common in mass-produced, synthetic (read: oil-based) clothing. Many of our products are certified Fair Trade or made in U.S.A. 

Ready to start? Try organic underwear, socks or organic baby clothes first - these will make the biggest impact. More info:

Orders over $120 ship FREE! (U.S. only)

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My New Year's Wish

My New Year's Wish
I usually plan the business and evaluate new projects for the upcoming year. New Year is a great time for that - the old is closed out, all is possible again. Even the world peace and climate improvement.But this year is a bit different for me. I am looking for...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Gratitude opens the door. At 3 am when my mind wakes me up racing away to problems and worries, it saves me to give thanks for my sons growing up as wonderful, passionate beings even if facing their own challenges.I am grateful for my family, for a simple fact that...

Our Song

Our Song
A video by David Douglas of The Shed Players for Natural Clothing Company. Song of love of Earth and natural organic clothing. It depicts well the simplicity and beauty of green living and love of nature. Let us know what you think.