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In our Organic clothing Store we share the love of eco-friendly, organic clothing - hemp, organic cotton, linen and wool. We carry natural products that respect your body & the planet. Natural Clothing Company is based in Seattle area, ships worldwide. 

Our clothes are often recommended by doctors for your skin benefit. Organic clothes have no formaldehyde or nasty chemicals common in mass-produced, synthetic (read: oil-based) clothing. Many of our products are certified Fair Trade or made in U.S.A. 

Ready to start? Try organic underwear, socks or organic baby clothes first - items next to your skin.  Learn more at Why Organic Clothes?

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    I see the stress levels mounting around me. It's enough to scan the morning paper to get our optimism diminished. In a middle of the night when my mind races away to problems and worries, it saves me to give thanks for true values in my life. For our sons...

    Made in the USA

    Made in the USA
    Which products are worth your money and time? We search day in and day out to provide you with authentic, ethical and quality products. And there are many criteria: The number one for us is the fiber. We stay away from oil based textiles like nylon and polyester. We prefer...

    Natural Textiles

    Natural Textiles
    What do you love most about the natural textiles? The texture, the unevenness of the thread? The subtle differences of saturation?Or is it the vibes that melt your heart? Waking up the sentiments of the ancient craft of weaving? I ask myself this question a lot, since I find the natural fibers irresistible....