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Natural Clothing Company offers ethical, healthy clothing -- good for people AND the Earth. We are all in it together. 
Our clothes are made from natural fibers - ones that worked for people for millennia. Organic clothing is recommended by doctors for your skin benefit and health. Natural organic clothes are a great alternative to mass produced synthetic (oil based) clothing. We especially recommend switching to organic underwear, organic cotton socks and definitely organic cotton baby clothes, these are closest to the skin and make the biggest impact.

We care about social justice and how the clothing is made, many but not all of our products are made in U.S.A. and many are certified Fair Trade.

If you eat organic food, if you recycle and care about the climate change, consider options for your clothing as well. Make sure it’s Nature approved.

Learn more about importance of organic clothes:


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Formaldehyde and You
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My Father Loved Nature

My Father Loved Nature
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Our Song

Our Song
A video by David Douglas of The Shed Players for Natural Clothing Company. Song of love of Earth and natural organic clothing. It depicts well the simplicity and beauty of green living and love of nature. Let us know what you think.