The most important choice for you in clothing - organic underwear. That textile is next to your skin for many hours, without ventilation.

Conventional (non-organic) textiles or nylon is often manufactured using harsh chemicals that your skin will absorb. Remember, skin is your largest organ? Let's wear organic cotton boxers or briefs.

Men's Organic Cotton Briefs - 2 pack
Men's Organic Cotton Boxers - 2 pack
Boxer Briefs - Alpine - Natural Clothing Company
On sale
Organic Cotton Trunks - Harvest - Natural Clothing Company
On sale
Boxer Briefs - Desert Stripe (L & XL)
Men's Organic V-neck Tee
Men's Organic Crew Undershirt / Tee
Men's Organic Cotton Undershirt - Crew Neck (2-pack)
On sale
Men's Organic Cotton V-neck Tee