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Spirit Animals Necklace - Animals


Style: Wolf

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Totem is a powerful way to share your story.  This tribal spirit animal jewelry connects you to your role in this world in a meaningful way.  Totems and crests traditionally can be carved on everyday objects like spoons, hair combs or jewelry to symbolize sharing, and stability. Stack your beads to show the connection to your spirit animals and your tribe.

This necklace is a small gold-plated bead, hypoallergenic with a black oil-rubbed string. Each bead comes on a black 1mm lace rope chain with a stainless-steel rotary clasp measuring 22" (55mm). Bead (pendant) is less than an inch, box is 1.25x4.5.

Included is a keepsake card with your thirteen power words and a story of your totem’s characteristics and symbolism.

A Native and a Woman owned business from Washington State, U.S.A. ProductsareUSAdesigned,withthefinalgoldplatedbeadsmanufacturedinChinaaswellasthechain.TheprintedmaterialsaremadeinUSA,andproductsarepackagedintheUSA.