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Gift cards provide a flexible way for you to purchase a gift for someone, making it easy to share the love for green life. 

Additional benefits - the shopper can spread the gift card balance over multiple visits. they can check the balance - it will be displayed in a cart during checkout. Customers can also check their balance by visiting the unique gift card link sent via email.


You purchase a gift card the same way as any other product. You will receive TWO SEPERATE emails:

1. notification of order made 

2. a few minutes later you will receive an email that contains a unique code, just for your recipient. You can forward that email to your recipient or you can print a paper copy (hit "view" and "print" button) AND write in a code by hand.

Gift cards are strictly regulated and confirm to privacy laws since they are a form of cash. If you do not see the two emails within few minutes, refresh screen, check your junk box or search for all emails from If you stack-up emails (gmail does that), look for the second email, which has the code.


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