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Men's Grooming - Beard Boar Bristle Brush


.A quality beard brush for any beardsman. It cleans and exfoliates, and delivers tangle-free hair while also cleaning and softening. The boar hairs also work to distribute skin's natural oils while effectively removing dirt and grim; the effect is a clean, smooth and shiny beard.

This Boar Bristle beard brush has premium construction with bristles that will gently untangle and smooth unruly hairs. 

Materials: 100% boar bristles hand selected. Size: 4.25" long, designed to fit a man's hand. Made by the Beard family of North Carolina and the Bates family of Virginia. Balms, oils, knives, leather, and hardware goods are made in the USA. Currently, scissors and axes are made in Pakistan. Wooden combs are made by a factory in China.