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First Tooth Linen Bag Set


What a great way to celebrate the loss of a tooth with a beautifully embroidered linen bag to leave under your pillow. This set includes two bags, one with "Tooth Fairy" embroidered and one with "Baby's First Tooth" embroidered. Embroidery is taupe on white linen. Stunning!

100% linen. Linen is the oldest fiber on Earth and a perfect temperature regulator for warm days. It breathes well and if a bit of wrinkle bothers you (casual chic), a clothes steamer works magic. Linen is best for a natural elegance.

Made in Ukraine, Europe

Machine washable in cold water.

  • Crown Linen business developed out of wonderful relationships with people in Ukraine, where garments are manufactured. This is what Crown Linen (based in Kirkland, WA) says about their production facilities in Ukraine:

    "We have wonderful friendships with people manufacturing our products in Ukraine. The work is done in small, privately owned workshops under fair conditions and pay. It is performed in clean, well-equipped facilities which we inspect a few times a year. Workers are happy with the ability to make a living, as Ukraine is currently one of the poorest countries in Europe.

    A key motivation for us in starting Crown Linen Designs was to provide economic opportunities to the gallant people of Eastern Europe. We do not use and do not tolerate sweat labor. We produce our goods to show off the beauty and craftsmanship of Ukrainian workers, mostly women. A key part of our mission is to help bring beauty to their lives as well."

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