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Which products are worth your money and time? We search day in and day out to provide you with authentic, ethical and quality products. And there are many criteria:
  • The number one for us is the fiber. We stay away from oil based textiles like nylon and polyester. We prefer clothes made of plants like linen, organic cotton, hemp or wool or silk.
  • We seek clothing good for the body and our planet. Products without nasty chemicals, products that are grown and made without poisoning the Earth.
  • Equally important to us is how and where the items are made. When made abroad, we try to make sure that clothes are made under Fair Trade conditions. But the priority is always buying American, USA made.

45% of all the brands Natural Clothing Company carries are made in the USA, which is astonishing considering that average is less than 2% in regular retail.

Our biggest problem is a simple fact of very small availability. We have been trying to increase men’s selection for years with little to show for. But we will keep trying!

Today I want to introduce a few clothes choices that are made fabulously in the USA. Also to show how much they enrich our lives:

  • One obvious reason is the pride of supporting what’s made by our citizens as well as the jobs kept in this country. It’s not an easy task. Our local Seattle just moved into $15 minimum wage. If you look at it from the business owner view, the impact is staggering. But also, the pride of paying the wages that are fair.
  • Another advantage is an obvious environmental impact of reduced carbon emissions associated with transportation. An item made in the USA travels many times less distance than from overseas. That’s less fuel and fewer emissions.
  • The USA is more transparent to verify regulations, like a Clean Air Act, OSHA regulated working conditions, safety and more.

companies that make clothes in USA

It makes sense – ethically, politically, economically, or environmentally.

Some of our brick n mortar store customers used to "inspect" our store for the USA made items.  Great, as long as we support what IS made in USA! It takes all of us to make it work, manufacturing in the USA can be a tough task. With our suppliers being tiny businesses - the cost implications of taxes, labor and logistics are mind-boggling. Our hat off to them for continuing to do what they believe in and plain surviving.

Browse some of our recent arrivals from American made, American owned businesses, all women-owned. They make fabulous quality products, proving that it can be done.

There are many more on our website NaturalClothingCompany.com. Some we had time to mark with the “Made in the USA” symbol, some not, but the descriptions always state exactly where it’s made.

Texture Clothing, Bellingham, Washington USA - Clothing With a Conscience

Majamas - Chicago, Illinois USA - Beautiful You. Beautiful Planet.

Rock-n-Socks - Marin County, California, USA Inspired by Music, Self-Expression and Sustainability

As well as Blue Canoe, Hempy's Soul Flower, Maggie's, Groceries, Sympatico, Earth Creations, SOS and more. Let's support them

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