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My New Year's Wish

I usually plan the business and evaluate new projects for the upcoming year. New Year is a great time for that - the old is closed out, all is possible again. Even the world peace and climate improvement.

But this year is a bit different for me. I am looking for shortcuts. Mostly, for the shortcuts that I can use right away. And that search took me away from increasing the efficiency; instead, I have been craving more stillness, more understanding. I see beauty in the less visible - the feelings and thoughts, a subject much less comfortable.

Happy Sustainable New Year 2017I noticed how easy it is to wish for love and happiness of my nearest ones, even for the rest of the world, but it’s such an enormous effort to truly feel the deep compassion for myself. I don’t think it’s just me, too. I see others having a hard time treating themselves like they would a best friend. I see ladies in my store look at their body and immediately zero-in on a smallest, not even visible fault.

When we think of ourselves, we crack the whip harder than our worst enemy would. When we feel the sadness or pain, we sweep it under the carpet, like un-important crumbs, that can wait for a clean-up. Ironically, I would never do that to my own real carpet, I have more respect for my floor! Guilty of all above.

So I try to imagine what would happen if I changed that, go easy on myself a tiny bit. The logic tells me - it involves just me, it's possible, if not even easy. Hah! It's a challenge.

I see it - my family is happier if I am happy. When I feel good about myself, I am a better companion, eager to encourage others. We emit how we feel - thru a smile and laughter or a scorn and tight lips. My friends, clients – the same. We allow others to shine if we shine. I can see how the connectedness of all of us works here, without any metaphysics. It spreads. Maybe it's true that the end of all wars is within us. Let me know what you think.
My wish for 2017 for all of us – is to allow ourselves to get off the hook a bit. Cut yourself some slack. Have the courage to live with an unconditional approval of yourself, with love and an open heart.
I heard the song “I am losing my mind and finding my heart” (byPlaito). I wish that for all of us - let's lose our mind a little.

Have a wonderful happy 2017!

Happy Sustainable New Year 2017

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