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None of us are getting out of here alive

"Note to Self: None of us are getting out of here alive, so please 
stop treating yourself like an after thought. 
Eat the delicious food. Walk in the sunshine. Jump in the ocean. 
Say the truth that you’re carrying in your heart like hidden treasure. 
Be silly. Be kind. Be weird. There’s no time for anything else.”

I came across this quote and loved it, though a quick search for an author returned so many names that I can't tell you who wrote it. But it stops you cold - how true are the words!

I hear the same thought thread from my growing number of friends who face health or life challenges. If something makes you feel good and it is decent, ethical - then it is good for you. And no, you do not need a permission. Why did I wait most of my life to believe that?

Katsura tree Fall beauty Our favorite Katsura tree is right outside the window. We planted it only six years ago and look at it now!

See the nice even line of bottom branches? That's the height of our Pygora goats. They trim the branches nicely (unless I catch them in time).
But the tree seems happy. And so are the goats:)

During the day we run businesses and on our time off we run a secret life as wanna-be farmers and gardeners.
It keeps us sane and grounds us. We are thankful for that. 

 When the mornings are tough

Even with relatively cheerful disposition, there are some mornings when it's hard to roll out of bed. Facing another day with a smile can be a quite a challenge and I experience that, too. On those days fussing a bit more in my closet - picking out more unusual colors, making a different combination of clothes or trying a new item makes my morning easier.

Frankly, I thought it's a bit shallow to cheer myself up with clothing. But after reading the quote, I thought "Oh, it's OK. I'm allowed to enjoy that". Do what makes you feel good, then spread that goodness out.

organic cotton cardigan skirt  organic fleece coat

Great news for you!

Doesn't it drive you nuts to find something you like on our website and it is not in your size? 

Fret no more! We are working hard to help. We installed a new feature that allows you to look for items only in your size or even in your color or style. Just click on option "size" when sorting through a collection of similar items - dresses, coats etc. It will then show only items with that size available. (You might also check next size up as some organic clothes run small). 

 Natural Clothing Company

 It gets even better...

We are also working on another feature - the coolest one of all! On the website, you can click on a small button to the left of the product picture that turns on the interactive overlay showing the exact dimensions of that item! Remember to pick your size from the sizes selection, each size has different numbers. You can test it - click on the picture of a Bamboo Blouse below to see it in action.

Each item we measure ourselves without relaying on "standard" (not!) mfgr's dimensions, it's quite a bit of work for our tiny staff. Be patient! Slowly we will cover most of the items because your confidence in knowing if the item fits or not is super important to us!

bamboo blouse  Tencel denim shirt  

 More items listed soon...

 wool coat  wool skirt gloves hat

 Last but not least!

 If you live in Snohomish, WA or Seattle area, save the date!

October 21 and 22
OPEN HOUSE with a Trunk Show

New arrivals will be available to try and purchase! You will get another invitation but note the dates in a calendar. Door prizes and extra sale, as well as treats, door open 10 am to 6 pm both days.

Spread the word!   That is greatly appreciated!
New Address - 502 1st St, #102, Snohomish, WA
tel. 877-800-8878
with gratitude       
staff of Natural Clothing Company

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