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Orders over $120 ship FREE

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not good at Valentine

I'll tell you a secret - I am not a good Valentine girl. I don't have much pink clothing, don't get or bring roses, don't do romantic dinners. 
But I will tell you something mushy: I really really love YOU, our customers

Natural Clothing Company is my second job. I work a lot in our other business that actually pays the mortgage. I continue creating Natural Clothing Company because it is my source of hope.

I fulfill orders and get to meet YOU - many lovely, thoughtful, friendly people who care, who are friendly, understanding and kind. People who have similar values, who care about how things are made and by whom.

You seek quality and real fibers, not the chemical and plastic world or the latest trend. 

You value the world that is connected to nature. You are unique and special. 
I appreciate that and am honored that you help grow Natural Clothing and for this, you have my true love.

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