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Strength of Value

My word for this year is Resilience. I don't know if the world will be the same on the other side of the virus era. But maybe this is a chance for us to be kinder, more considerate.

For strength, I look into traditions steeped in value and beauty.
I am incredibly honored to introduce the newest addition

There is a network of waterways close to where we and our store are. It is called the Salish Sea - part of it in British Columbia, Canada and part in the state of Washington, U.S.A.

The area is a home for many Native American tribes with numerous cultures and languages.

The products in the First Nations Art category are authentically designed by the Native American artists living here. They represent the traditions and values of Indigenous people.

Each item is created by an artist with First Nation roots or membership and each artist gets a portion of sales.

As a Natural Clothing Company, we feel privileged to be able to represent their work - it is beautiful, full of meaning encapsulated in lines past from generation to generation. We are so grateful that they are willing to share their world with us, so together we can build a better world than the one we passed.

It is also a unique opportunity for you to enrich your home with their art and sponsor their work.
To see the collection, click The products in the First Nations Art category 

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