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Summer Solutions - LINEN

Summer is so beautiful! Unfortunately, the heat is not so easy on the body. For the sun lovers - it’s a delight, for sensitive skin people - it is a challenge.

I would like to bring to your attention few textiles that are wonderful for sunny hot weather. For a beautiful natural look - linen clothing gets a resounding "Yes!" from me.

Not only it is an ancient fiber, grown since the beginning of civilization but it is also a beautiful and versatile textiles.

Personally, outside the pure appearance, linen provides me with a surprisingly uplifted and calm feeling when wearing it and helps me sleep deeper at night. The feeling is similar to when I wear amber jewelry – a feeling of deep calm and relief.

The determining factors for me in promoting anything is:

  • do I love wearing this myself?
  • is it proven to be safe and helpful to humans over a long period of time?

Linen fame and beauty is partly earned by its' luster, durability, and strength. The clothing styles are timeless and linen garment, even if wrinkled, looks great and stylish.

Since linen absorbs water extremely well, it always feels fresh and cool – perfect for summer! It offers unparallel ventilation, absorption of moisture and offers a good filter from solar UV.

Linen has been historically used for wrapping the wounds and healing skin problems. I never had a complaint from a customer about allergic reaction to linen. The textile is not as refined as cotton or silk so it may take a bit time to get used to. It gets softer and softer with time and it retains its beauty for decades, making it a good investment.

Linen has a long route of transformation from the flax plant to a textile and only a few countries remain to manufacture linen textile. Unfortunately, U.S. is not one of them.

There are two other fibers that are similarly beautiful and perfect for summer - Hemp and Ramie, plant of the nettle family. Both strong, lustrous and truly fabulous for hot weather.

I hope you will give these a try and enjoy its benefits.

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