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Where is the Love?

Seems like everybody talks about LOVE in February. Valentine rules the month and thank goodness!
Instead of focusing on the deluge of snow, rain or gloomy skies in our Pacific Northwest, it is so nice to attend to subject much nicer - like Love. 
And it is not only just nicer – the science already proved that oxytocin, the hormone and a neurotransmitter released in a body by emotions of love, truly does miracles. Oxytocin is not just present for babies and sex.

When Kansas City Chiefs jumped and hugged, that was love. Grown rugged men embracing. Medically, love can literally heal the heart, ease digestion, even heal the wounds.

So how do we get more love? Where is the source? Interestingly, even without a partner, we can reach an abundance of love.

Our hearts are small engines that exist literally to shower us with love. We all know its power. Like a small battery, it makes everything alive.

 When we care, when we share a laugh and joke with others, when we purposely make a connection, minor or major, we get paid back twosome. When we take a deep breath and think of a loved person, even a loved pet - a little bit of peace seeps into our being. A little more calm, more tolerance, more love.
When we look in a mirror at ourselves and instead of zooming in on our imaginary shortcomings – if we look at the point we can love, we increase peace.
When we give ourselves a break and curl for a nap, even though it’s not our “normal” habit – we increase peace.
This is not just for ourselves - we pass that tiny amount of peace onto the co-worker or family members. Then they pass it on. And in that slightest way, we increase peace on earth.

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