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You Are Important

When my sons were small, they loved bouncing on my husband’s shoulders. Giggles filled the air. One time, Bob lost balance and son Greg started tumbling down. I froze but Greg yelled “Do it again, Dad! Do it again!”

I reflect on that now, as a simple example of how willing we are to take risks, to endure change. Our true nature is not adverse to that. Otherwise, we would never evolve from a baby crawl, learn to walk, never ride a bicycle or drive the car. Remember the first time you got on a highway? I think I closed my eyes momentarily but lived through it.

It is harder to face changes now than ever. We have lost so many important privileges - the right to talk without your mouth covered, the right to hug, to laugh with friends. I miss having live music in our store.

We gave up a lot. Even though I full-heartedly encourage health precautions - family, employees, and the customers depend on it, I miss that.

But my question is - if, by any chance, we don't give away more than we need to. Each day I hear “Oh I don’t do that anymore”, “ I don’t go to the office", "I don’t need that dress anymore”, “I don’t see my friends much”, “I don’t….”. It almost like we suddenly became less significant than before. That is a lie.

I think that we need a reminder that, despite the circumstances, we are the ones that continue to create the world made for us. That we are an expression of life and as such, we give life to others. It matters.

Through the individual hearts, thoughts, actions - we help life to vibrate with more clarity and strength. Nobody will ever take it away, no muzzle, no six feet distance, no worldly upset.

We make a day better for a person on the street that seems lost and needs help. We wave to neighbors and express sympathy to a friend. We pay for coffee for the person six feet behind us.

We are the ones with the job of not closing our hearts. The job of taking each day, each conversation to wander and wonder, to be the best version of ourselves and help others do the same.

I wake up with excitement for the day and then I remember: all the worries, challenges, losses. It takes a determined effort to turn the sight to the sky, to thank for trees around me. To breathe.

On a good day, I hover a bit longer at the mirror and say “Thank you” for the life reflected there. Then I cover my face, stay behind the plexiglass, and sometimes wonder why I do that at all. Who we are is important, it is expressed through anything and everything we do, even if it is the socks we wear and where you bought them.

Do not give away your powers. You are very important. Who we are, what we have to say, what we stand for is maybe the most important thing that matters.

Be a contrarian. Put your best silks on, pull out your best china cup for your coffee. Start a day with dancing and end with a review of goodness of day that passed. Keep your vibrations high no matter what.

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