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Bamboo textile is luxuriously soft with excellent absorbency so it gives you great ventilation, minimizes sweating and growth of bacteria. What that means is to you -  less sweat and less body odor. 

The cross section of the bamboo fiber has micro-gaps and holes, which enables moisture absorption and ventilation that is better than cotton.

Anti-bacterial propeties occur naturally, without any chemical processes or additives used in coneventional garments, causing skin allergy. Bamboo clothing has inherent anti-UV effect and anti-static properties, increased by its excellent moisture absorption. 

So the clothing is well suitable for sensitive skin and many of our sensitive skin customers tolerate it very well. The texture is super soft and smooth, with bit of sheen almost similar to silk. It drapes really well and moves freely enhancing the style of the garment. Incredible speed of bamboo growth makes it very renewable plant. It is a grass considered to be the fastest growing plant on earth and is known to improve soil quality. It's actually a grass and some varieties can grow up to 3 - 4 feet a day. 

Its extensive root system naturally replenish itself and is grown without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  Bamboo minimizes CO2 and generates up to 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees.  It can even improve soil quality in places where erosion and degradation of the natural minerals has occurred. It needs very little water to grow, which means it can thrive in a variety of climates without depleting water supplies. Our products are made from the organically grown bamboo species moso, which is not eaten by Pandas.

Bamboo Blouse
Bamboo Blouse $ 62.00
Bamboo Boxers - Natural Clothing Company
Bamboo Boxers $ 18.00
Bamboo Cross Wrap Blouse
Bamboo Drape Neck Pullover - Natural Clothing Company
Bamboo Dress Slip - Natural Clothing Company
Bamboo Eve Panties
On sale
Bamboo Hoodie - Clearance
Bamboo Hoodie - Clearance $ 29.00 $ 72.00
Bamboo Lace Bikini - Natural Clothing Company
Bamboo Lace Cami - Natural Clothing Company
Bamboo Lace Nightgown - Natural Clothing Company
Bamboo Long Dress - Maddie - Natural Clothing Company
Bamboo Organic Cotton Leggings
Bamboo Robe
Bamboo Robe $ 76.00
On sale
Bamboo Skirt - Natural Clothing Company
Bamboo Skirt $ 19.90 $ 42.00
Bamboo Summer Dress
Bamboo Summer Tank Dress - Pria
Bamboo Towel Set - Natural Clothing Company
Bamboo Tunic Top - Mara
Bamboo V-Neck - Natural Clothing Company
Bamboo V-Neck $ 26.00
Bamboo Women's Robe - Natural Clothing Company
bamboo Yoga Pants - Natural Clothing Company
On sale
Button Up Skirt - Natural Clothing Company
Button Up Bamboo Skirt $ 9.90 $ 72.00
Men's Bamboo Polo Shirt - Natural Clothing Company
Men's Bamboo Sport Sock - Natural Clothing Company
Men's Bamboo T-shirt SS - Natural Clothing Company
Men's Bamboo Turtleneck
Organic Cotton and Bamboo Vest Top - Ariel
On sale
Organic Cotton, Bamboo and Silk -Drape Cardigan
Padded Bamboo Bra - Natural Clothing Company
Women's Bamboo Dress Socks - Natural Clothing Company
Women's Bamboo Sport Socks - Natural Clothing Company