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Why Organic Clothes and Underwear?

1) Chemicals Aren’t Sexy

men in organic underwear

 There’s nothing more sexy than feeling healthy and vital in your underwear!

 Unfortunately, the cotton you put on your body is heavily sprayed, as a crop and as a textile, with harmful chemicals known to damage our lovely DNA.

Even advanced BT Cotton contains modified genes in most of the cotton we wear.


 2) The Animals We Eat Are Exposed, too

Did you order a delicious fish entree on your last date night? Studies come back announcing that not only does some of the fish we eat contain mercury, but also harmful toxins resulting from insecticides and herbicides in crops. We loose species every single day and what's left deserves life without toxins! For example, cattle feed is mixed with toxic cotton seed, so that beef tenderloin on Valentine’s Day can be harmful to your vitality as well. Yuck!

fish environment

3) Our Human Health

We have all seen or felt the effects of allergies, skin rashes or itching. Some of it might be result of additives used in textile manufacturing. Do you want non-wrinkle, no-iron, spot resistant, flame resistant? Think abut how that could be achieved. Only by adding substances that with heat and moisture of your skin might react and actually off gas something nasty to leach into skin. Dyes and other substances can make you fell icky, too. 

Most of clothing now is made of nylon, polyester etc = plastic made of oil. It heats your body and does not allow the skin to breathe. Plastic bag anybody? Feeling vibrant and glowing is what worked for human skin for thousands of years. Hint, hint...

4) Compost Bin LOVES Organics

This may sound far-fetched to some, but there is a better place for unusable clothing than landfill. You can turn into dirt! It’s similar to collecting rainwater for garden, or finding a new purpose for glass and other materials. Just the idea that organic and natural clothing can become a useful tool in it’s life cycle is amazing. Can't do it with polyester. 

So toss those undergarments in the compost - the neighbors will never know!

5) Support Ethical Products

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Sweatshops in various parts of the world are a very sad reality. We try, in a very big way, support organic and natural clothing producers in the USA and if we cannot find that, we prioritize Fair Trade shops and documented and inspected factories first. We know you care, too. There is no joy in paying few dollars for a shirt if somebody was treated unfairly and used as slave to make it.

We have the environment and we have people well being in mind at every decision point we make. Thank you for caring about the ‘bottom’ line for all of us - pun intended!

We believe knowledge is power. Thank you for allowing us to share what we know. 

Be well!
Alina and Bob,