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Your Best Friend

It’s not so easy to stay in touch with best friends - busy life, not enough time, work pressure. I’d like to share my experience with you, even if it may be the strange one. But… it had a profound impact on my health and might be of use to you. We hear in media to expect bad health, to be ready for serious problems. I don’t agree with that. I don’t believe in “have to”. Even with health challenges in our own family, the future is ours, not of media or drug companies.

I recently read an interview with a guy who credits his youthful looks to thanking each cell of his body for serving him. He does it every day. “Wow. What a great idea.” I thought. “I’ll give it a try”. So the next time when my messed up biologic clock woke me up at 2:30 am, I started. Nothing better to do, anyway. I quietly  said silent “thank you” to the whole world of cells, tissues and whatever is there. In fact, biology is not my strong side; I just thanked “them”.

After few minutes of feeling silly, I listened. Something strange was happening. Ouwomen's organic undiest of nowhere I felt kind of quiet sadness pouring out of my cells, very lightly, without much drama.  “What the heck is it?” I thought. It was supposed to be a happy experience - I thank my body, do a good deed, we are all happy.

I was really surprised. I take reasonably good care of my body,  eat organic, I’m in tune, I thought. Why sadness? I listened closer. I “heard” tiredness. The wear.  The seven days a week December work, the sore feet, the rich Holiday diet, a bruise from recent fall, too much acid in caffeine. Small parts of my days that I never considered a problem.

I slowly got it. It wasn’t some health guru talking. It was MY body having hard time. Like a gentlest whisper I seemed to hear “We are trying, we really do, it’s just getting harder. Don’t be mad”. Almost like an embarrassment, the vibe of a kid fearing he’s done wrong.

Oh, my gosh. Glad I was laying down. I want to bring love, happiness in this world, not sadness. I never saw it from the other side. But it’s true, as my body concerned, I am rather “what can you do for me?”. Pleased when I feel good, annoyed when feet hurt, surprised with burn blister. Am I a good part of that team? I could sense how hard the cells are working, how much trying. And how little control they have of what I put in or on it.  Each breath, each walk, each drink of water - a life taken for granted.

Scientist might never understand how these billions of cells work together, there is no other group on Earth with efficiency like that. I missed our partnership for decades - that it’s a gift not a right. I felt incredibly genuine gratitude. This team is the best friend I have. One that will do anything I ask.

nature-organic-mens-clothesFunny, in the morning I forgot about my night experience but a strange thing happened. I felt no urge to have my daily coffee. My swollen ankle did not hurt to stand on, it did not hurt to touch. I skipped my beloved Hungarian wine in the evening. My organic clothing felt double soft, double right. The organic skin care felt like heaven. My time with animals and the woods was even more precious.

I will still have coffee, wine; I will work hard because I love it. But there is a difference - there needs to be a genuine need and want. It needs to be truly OK and feel good. Most of the time, there isn’t that need. It’s not always that clear, it gets muddled. I think that I reconciled with a long lost  friend and I will do everything to make it work. I want to become truly worthy to be a team with my world. I hope you will, too.

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