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The Love of Linen

linen dress and Nature

Linen textile is born from a flax plant with its beautiful modest blue flower. It is a magic plant - it gives us flax seeds, oil, straw and fiber that produces strong, cool textile with great moisture wicking and ventilation.

In recent findings, linen was dated to 36,000 B.C.! It's qualities are unsurpassed in hot weather but I wear it all year long.  No matter the season, linen clothes remind me of nature, of beauty and kindness to the skin. Just the touch of it makes me think of warm days and sunshine. Linen which comes from flax plant with its beautiful modest blue flower is very dear to my heart as Poland's most loved and cherished fabric is linen. Golden fields of wheat with punctuated with flax throughout.

As a textile, linen is strong, cool with incredible moisture wicking and ventilation, it feels great on your skin and just like hemp you can wear it and pass on to next generation. The slightly wrinkled appearance gives it a casual, "I am not trying" vibe but you can always steam it easily. There is nothing more simple but luxurious at the same time as that simple textile. Maybe its the thousands of year that the fiber was used as textile, maybe because it's unassuming beauty.

Our new arrivals are here with lovely Italian linen dresses, ramie and linen tops and more. Keep your eyes open - we adding new styles every few days.

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