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Earth Day April 22

Earth Day is a great time to re-visit our thoughts and actions in regards to the environment. I am not going to preach to the choir the importance of the subject - if you read this message, that means you care.

For me, the subject brings as much hope as it brings fear, just like assisting your loved one who has a rough time. But with age, I regain humility and understanding that the fears may be not just for the disappearing species, glaciers, and even natural fibers. It's a growing understanding that this planet will somehow continue without us but we probably cannot continue well without clean water, moderate climate and food that is safe to eat. We are probably the most selfish species and at the same time very ingenious one, so the more we understand danger, the more solutions we find. 

Maybe the most worth pondering is - "How can I personally, create more good than damage? What is another extra step I can take? I already recycle, compost, bike etc. - what is still one more small thing I can do?" I think that no matter how small that is, it will be the most meaningful statement we can make. Let's keep walking the path. What are your thoughts?


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