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Our 10th Year Anniversary

 It has been a fabulous 10 years since we started Natural Clothing Company and we hope there are many more to come! That time helped us develop better our knowledge of textiles, introduced us to thousands of great people and taught us a lot about small business.
I’d like to share with you few of more surprising lessons we learned thanks to our business:

1. We have learned that the world is full of wonderful, thoughtful people who care and support good will.

In recent years when seeing the headlines of the mass media, the outlook on the world might seem bleak and the world not so friendly.
That is NOT our view from our personal contact with customers in the last 10 years of business! We have experienced again and again how plain nice, thoughtful and caring people are! Our customers (that means YOU!) have been absolutely delightful, insightful, curious and responsive.

Even on the rare occasion when there was a mishap on our part, it was met with understanding and grace. We consider many of our customers as friends, even though we have never met in person, all ages and walks of life. It has been a thoroughly enlightening experience to see that one can have a beautiful relationship no matter what viewpoints you hold. We are eternally grateful for that.
2. Another lesson that was quite surprising is how many people suffer from being exposed to everyday basic necessities we all take for granted – wearing conventional clothing, using standard detergents, etc. It all can mean a health hazard to sensitive skin. We are happy to offer at least some alternatives that are organic and safer as a choice.
3. We see the natural fibers and textiles as “endangered species”. The volume of clothing made of natural fibers keeps shrinking. 10 years ago we thought the love for natural products will keep exploding! Natural Clothing Company focus will concentrate even more on the core values – certified organic, made in USA and if imported made under Fair Trade conditions. It might affect the volume of our product choices but it’s the true heart of our mission.
  1. Last but not least surprising lesson was the cursive notes - with each order we try to include a short handwritten note to a client. We love doing that and put our best wishes for that person.  Recently we have learned that some younger customers can’t read it – they have never learned cursive writing in school! Talking about lost art… Not only cursive is a very personal way to communicate but it has also shown to improve left and right brain development. Supposedly, 5,000 different personality traits are connected to your handwriting. Without cursive, another whole part of history so familiar to my generation is going away.  We will continue handwriting notes even more so now, to hopefully add an ounce of weight to its importance😊



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